[OSM-ja] Google Hybrid overlay on OSM

SHIBATA Akira help @ eva.gr.jp
2009年 7月 30日 (木) 05:30:22 BST


 OSM の API が変わった?

Windows 2000pro の IE6 では以前通り全然ダメで
Ubuntu9.04 desktop の FireFox では Google Map の
情報は見えるので OSM 側との間になにかあったように


- in Jenglish
After so long, I can not see it working.
OSM's API was changed?

IE6 on Windows2000pro is still totaly no working.
FireFox on Ubuntu9.04 desktop is working half.
It can see Google Map's data, but can not see OSM,
so I think somethings are happened between OSM.

For two current weeks, I have been working 
Hidaka City ( north of Hanno City, I live ),
I remembered the URL for checking my work.

help @ eva.gr.jp      http://www.psychoscape.net/

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   "[OSM-ja] Google Hybrid overlay on OSM" において、
   "Tue, 16 Sep 2008 14:16:17 +0900" 発信のメイルで
   "Daniel Kastl"さんは書きました:

> Hi List,
> Just wanted to share this link of OSM with Google Hybrid overlay:
> http://ge.pythonmoo.co.uk/maps/osm-ghyb.htm
> At first I was afraid to have created a lot of inaccurate road data, but
> then I was surprised how well OSM matches with Google (Zenrin) data, for
> example:
> http://ge.pythonmoo.co.uk/maps/osm-ghyb.htm?zoom=16&lat=35.41112&lon=139.60883&layers=B0T
> Please note the information on the top of the website: "This tool must
> not be used to derive data for the OpenStreetMap project. This would
> lead to copyright infringement and will jeopardise all data in that area
> of the OSM data set."
> Anyhow, nice to watch and compare own mapping work.
> Daniel
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