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Emilie Laffray emilie.laffray @ gmail.com
2010年 3月 31日 (水) 10:15:10 BST

2010/3/31 Daniel Kastl <daniel @ georepublic.de>

> Hi list,
> I tried to add an address to openaddresses.org, but the format doesn't
> really fit with Japanese addresses. So I discussed this with Cedric Moulet
> on their mailing list. They said they want to keep it simple. I'm not so
> happy with their approach, because it only works well for street addresses.
> Otherwise there is some available data that could be a good start for
> Japan: http://nlftp.mlit.go.jp/isj/
> Does anyone know if it is allowed to import the data? It could be also
> imported to OSM instead and then used by openaddresses that way (they use
> OSM address data as well).
> Daniel
there is no currently good way of implementing Japanese addressing in OSM. I
am quite keen on getting it implemented as I really like it. For my company,
I have worked to create OSM files from the MLIT site. I need to import all
administrative areas one of those days.
I am would be honored and pleased if I could help the Japanese community on
those topics.

Thank you,
Emilie Laffray
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