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2010年 10月 29日 (金) 03:42:21 BST

Hi OSM-Japan mappers,

I think the following answer of Frederic on OSM-talk list could be
interesting for you, so I forward to the Japanese list as well.

It says, that the English OSM book has an appendix with country-specific OSM
information. The appendix is under CC-BY-SA and available here:

   - http://www.openstreetmap.info/content/mapping_the_world.pdf

The part about Japan is very short, but Japanese community could

   1. make a Japanese translation of the appendix
   2. add more details about tagging/mapping in Japan
   (I can translate to English later, so it might be then part of the next
   book release then)


M∡rtin Koppenhoefer wrote:

> is there some content in the English translation that the German
> version doesn't have?

The first English edition is based largely on the 3rd German edition. But
since it was proof-read by people who were not involved in the German book,
it does do some things a little differently. The most visible differences

* English version has an appendix with country-specific OSM information
about many countries. This appendix is under CC-BY-SA and available as PDF (
http://www.openstreetmap.info/content/mapping_the_world.pdf) and OpenOffice
document (
People are welcome to edit it and we might include updated versions in later

* English version has 2 or 3 additional screen shots in the editor chapters,
and discusses Potlatch before JOSM rather than after.

* English version has a more detailed and illustrated Mapnik style example
(example source downloadable here:

But apart from that the changes are negligible. We changed examples and
illustrations to better fit the international audience, added in a few tags
- that's all I remember.


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