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2013年 10月 20日 (日) 14:54:50 UTC


OSMのメインウェブサイトですが、新デザインへの準備が着々と進んでいるみたいです :)

Deployed at http://redesign.apis.dev.openstreetmap.org/

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From: Paul Norman <penorman @ mac.com>
Date: 2013/10/20
Subject: [OSM-dev] Upcoming website features
To: talk @ openstreetmap.org, dev @ openstreetmap.org

This is a periodic message about interesting website changes upcoming. The
purpose is both to get a wider audience for the discussion of changes
and to inform people what's going on. For more information about this
message and the criteria, see the github repo
https://github.com/osmlab/openstreetmap-upcoming-features. Not every
change is included - if you want that, follow the rails-dev@ list or the
github projects.

== Changes ==

If you have comments on these changes, the best place is on the
appropriate github page for the change, which I try to link.

=== Redesign ===

A redesign of the OSM.org web page

Major components of the redesign include a new help page; new about page;
moving navigation elements out of the sidebar; moving search results,
export controls, changeset history, and feature details into the sidebar;
and removal of the sidebar from "interior" pages such as the user profile
and diaries.

Deployed at http://redesign.apis.dev.openstreetmap.org/

=== More gallery-style layer switcher (iD) ===

Changes the layer switcher to a gallery-style one, similar to the layer
switcher on osm.org.

=== Support GPX API (iD) ===

On supporting the GPX API in iD, including if it should be supported.

=== Mild rejig of the browse pages ===

Changes the display of object meta-data and makes tags more prominent.

=== Add a help jumping-off page ===

Adds a new help tab to the top, with links on that tab replacing the
current Documentation and Help Center. Add new links to other resources.

=== Rationalize multiple "locate me" type functions ===

Discussion about confusion and duplication between "Where am I?", home
and the new geolocation button. Suggestions of removal of "Where am I?"

== Significant merges ==

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dev @ openstreetmap.org

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