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Satoshi IIDA nyampire @ gmail.com
2014年 4月 10日 (木) 15:31:29 UTC


Digital Globeの衛星画像が、Mapbox衛星画像として配信開始されました。


JOSMのメニューから 画像 > Mapbox衛星画像、で表示することができます。

SotM US直前にすごいのが来ましたね、これは。

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Subject: [OSM-talk] High res DigitalGlobe imagery open for tracing through
Mapbox Satellite
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Cc: Kevin Bullock <kbullock @ digitalglobe.com>

Effective immediately the Mapbox Satellite option in iD and JOSM is 100%
open for tracing in OpenStreetMap, including all our high resolution
DigitalGlobe imagery. This is full coverage down to zoom level 19 imagery
in the US + Western Europe and world wide to zoom level 17.

To use this imagery select "Mapbox Satellite" from the imagery menu in iD
on the web or in JOSM. Mapbox Satellite is open for tracing in
OpenStreetMap in general and not tied to a specific editor, so if you would
like to add Mapbox Satellite to another OpenStreetMap editor you are
welcome to do so.

Big props to Kevin Bullock (cc'ed) and our friends at DigitalGlobe - it's
fantastic working with good people who see wins of working with


PS - on an existing installation of JOSM you'll have to refresh your
imagery menu like so: http://cl.ly/image/383O2L0t431s

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