[OSM-ja] Feature Proposal - RFC - Tagging for complex junctions or traffic signals that are named

Lukas Sommer sommerluk @ gmail.com
2014年 8月 25日 (月) 06:12:09 UTC

Hello everyone.

In some countries (Japan, Korea…), people orient themselves in the local
area using the names of road junctions or traffic signals rather then the
names of streets.

I have documented the current tagging practice for simple junctions at the
following new wiki pages:



Furthermore, some more text has been added here:


Feedback and/or corrections are welcome.

The current tagging practice works well for simple junctions, but makes
problems on complex junctions. Therefore, the proposal
has been created. Particularly if you are mapping in one of the concerned
countries please participate at the discussion at

Lukas Sommer
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