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「これって wayside_shrineじゃないの?
でも、OSM wikiページにはキリスト教限定ぽいことが書いてあって困る」という趣旨のメールがでていました。

ざっくりとではありますが、これはOSM wikiの書き方が悪い、ということで、
宗教に関係なく historic=wayside_shrineタグを使って大丈夫のようです。



あと、この shrineは "やしろ"の意味になります。"神社"に限定するものではありません。

日本のHow to Map Aのページの内容とバッティングするので、


また、神社の鳥居について、こちらは現在 barrier=gateで書かれていることが多いようですが、
man_made=shinto_gate あるいは man_made=gate に


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Subject: [Tagging] Religious-neutral tags needed for religious
objects/non-church places
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Hey guys - I had a question about tagging "wayside shrines." The wiki
posits that they are Christian, but I want to use them for another
religion. This led me to think about other religion-neutral tags main tags,
and using a subtag for the object.

here in Japan, there are probably tens of thousands of reeeaally small
(Shinto) shrines and (occasionally Buddhist) temples. They are usually
along roads, but sometimes hiking trails as well. The shinto ones are
usually for natural beauty - this one is probably for this waterfall,
though I could be mistaken. This one is 2mx2m. if you open it, there is
just stuff inside, there isn't room for a person. This one is also fairly
elaborate, with a gate, bridge and stairway, but others are just a small
shed (sometimes less than 1m sq) and disused. If it wasn't religious, I'd
tag most of them as a simple shed.   They get placed all over, but here in
 rural Japan I find them on mountainsides, hilltops, and near bridges and
lakes. In theory, besides the buddhist statuses and shinto gates, there are
also really really tiny shines, about the size of a large trash can as
well, but right now I'm just talking of something similar to what is in the

To me, this is also a "wayside shrine."  Am I right?

Speaking of gates, some Japanese OSM mappers are mistakenly tagging
barrier:gate onto shinto gates (when it is in no way a barrier) - as if
people were tagging Highway=crossing onto Christian crosses.

Man_made=cross or historic=wayside_cross similarly is geared for Christian
religion, but there are millions upon millions of Shinto Gates and small
figures of Buddha (ones you wouldn't think of as "statues", like the big
copper buddha at Kamakura) - but the existing tags are not
religious-neutral and paired with the religion tag or a subtag to handle
these; ie manmade=ReligiousSymbol, religiousSymbol= Wayside Cross, Shinto
Gate, Buddha Statue, Spaghetti Meatball, etc....

I know that There must be many other symbols in other religions used
regionally that I don't know of, so having an expanding sub-tag is better
than filling up historic=, building=, and manmade= with more and more
narrow tags as OSM gets more detail added from non-christian areas.


Roadside shrine on the road to Kusatsu, Gunma - Winter 2009.

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