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2015年 10月 14日 (水) 10:48:35 UTC

Hello Arun

Thank you for detailed information!
Reporting of past & Plans for future, both are very appreciated.

English posts are welcomed.
Please do not hesitate to do so. :)

> Question & rough translation
* Has the import data helped Japan map to improve and the community to
grow? How is the OSM coverage compared to other maps?
* インポートされたデータは、日本のマップを改善し、コミュニティの成長に貢献していますか? OSMと他の地図のカバレッジの比較はどうでしょう?

* How to best cleanup the import: continue to leave the data as is? do a
partial revert to make it easy for new mappers? Organize a nationwide
mapping movement?
* インポートのクリンナップ方針: データをそのまま残しておくほうがよい? あるいは、新規マッパーのために、一部をリバートしたほうがよい?

> I think it would be too difficult to revert the Yahoo! import, but,
identifying common problems would be helpful.  New mappers could recognise
the common problems and fix them, which would help them gain experience.

+1 to Andrew's opinion.
if we could identify "source yahoo" + "version 1" object, it would be

This "potential missing nature reserve" map have come to my mind.

> Is there a comprehensive documentation of such issues anywhere that we
can all add to? There is probably something in Japanese in the wiki already?

AFAIK, not yet.
I guess Japan wiki page is a bit old & need refinement.
So we could make some "Call for Problems".

from my view, followings are possible problems.

* "layer="-1"" on waterway line & some public facility node
* crossing coastline & forest/wood
* need devide of huge forest/wood multipolygon
* "XXX (yyy)" writing on name tag << maybe need more discussion


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