[Talk-lt] SOTM Baltics 2013 in Tartu, Estonia

Albertas Agejevas alga at pov.lt
Mon Apr 15 17:38:26 UTC 2013

On Mon, Apr 15, 2013 at 08:56:23PM +0400, Vladimir Elistratov wrote:
> We've been discussing the idea of a regional mini-conference to be attended
> by mappers from Baltic states.
> OSM community in our countries seems to be a closed and isolated circle
> with a very few new members each year. So we suggest to break the isolation
> through an international OSM meet-up (or mini-conference) in Tartu,
> Estonia. We coined the event "SOTM Baltics".
> Originally the event was targeted for mappers from Estonia, Russia, Latvia
> and Finland. Why wasn't Lithuania in the list? I thought it wasn't
> convinient to come from Vilnius to Tartu with public transportation. Please
> prove me wrong! I hope it's not a problem for you at all! :-)

I would suggest you invite our Belarussian colleagues.  OSM is quite
lively there, as at least three years ago OSM was the only publicly
available digital map of the country.

You might also be interested in their event, Linux Vacation Eastern
Europe.  It's a ~66% Belarussian, 20% Ukriainian, 10% Russian
Linux/OpenSource extended weekend meetup, held each July near Grodno,
and for a couple of times now in February near Minsk.  OSM has
a regular presence there.  So if you fancy making contacts in the
russophone geekdom, you might plan a visit there.

Best regards,

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