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Ik weet niet of mensen hiermee kunnen helpen. Cycle-routing is wat wij
willen, maar hebben wij organisaties die mee kunnen tellen?


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   I have been approached by the city of Munich, who want to apply for
 an EU grant to set up and operate a good cycle routing platform based
 on OSM data.

 What they currently have is a platform that uses only their own data
 which they spent (and spend) a lot of time to create and maintain.
 They have basic road data and have manually added information about
 the safety, suitability, and "green-ness" of routes so that you can
 get a routing that matches your requirements.

 What they now intend to do is expand this to encompass the rural areas
 around Munich as well, while at the same time delegating the data
 maintenance to the community. Of course the whole thing will be
 developed in a way that can easily be used for any other place (a
 major selling point for an EU project). They also intend to create
 incentives and processes for citizens improve the data.

 This will probably start with finding out (from their previous
 experience) what data you need to do proper bike routing, and then
 analyzing in how far this is already present in OSM, and where not,
 create/improve tools for people to see where the data is missing and
 fix it. Then there'll be the development of the routing platform,
 perhaps based on pgrouting, and then they'll want to set up processes
 for people to work with the data, e.g. also have a feedback loop into
 the planning offices so that they know where bottlenecks are and so

 It is not yet exactly clear what the plan is, but they are really keen
 on not only taking OSM data but also working with the OSM community
 and feeding everything back to OSM. Munich has recently been in the
 press for ditching Windows and switching all of the administration IT
 over to Linux, so they're probably the largest public entity in
 Germany to have "seen the light" of free software (and free data now
 as well).

 They're looking at a project duration of up to three years, and want
 to request appropriate funding from the EU under the IEE programme
 which, among others, has funds available for increasing the use of

 The project application has all the right keywords to go down well
 with the EU (application deadline is 20th June, but the decision will
 only be made in late 2008), but there's one catch: Any successful EU
 project needs to have a number of partners in different EU countries,
 and that's why I am writing this post: Munich doesn't yet have enough
 partners to get this through.

 Possible partners include city or regional administrations, cycle
 associations, even commercial entities like publishers who have an
 interest. Munich would be the "project lead", doing the deals with the
 EU, but since the project isn't that specific yet, partners will
 certainly have a say and their wishes be accommodated. Partners will
 get their share of the money if the project is accepted, and will be
 expected to co-operate in finalizing the proposal.

 As an example, a good partner would be a city administration that
 wants to roll out cycle routing locally, or an administration that
 wants to create cycle maps, or someone who intends to use the data and
 put it on mobile navigation devices, or even a public transport entity
 that intends to combine cycle routing with their traffice schedules or
 something like that.

 If anyone is interested, or has an idea about whom we should contact,
 please tell me. With roughly six weeks left until application
 deadline, we need partners who are flexible - someone who first has to
 be convinced that OSM is good would probably be too slow.

 (If it doesn't work out this year then they intend to apply next year
 but I guess until then OSM will have done all the work on its own.)

 We'd be especially happy to find partners in Eastern Europe (it seems
 that these make funding a project more attractive to the EU), but
 anyone else outside Germany is also fine.


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