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Edoardo Neerhut eneerhut at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 06:49:09 UTC 2020

Hi Oceania,

*TLDR: Show your support for OpenStreetMap in Oceania by filling in this
brief form
and if you're interested, volunteering to help create an OSM Oceania
working group.*

The purpose of this email is to gather support and volunteers to establish
a local chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation
<https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Main_Page> (OSMF) in Oceania. OSGeo
Oceania <https://wiki.osgeo.org/wiki/Oceania> has been supporting the
application, and the benefits and objectives of this Local Chapter have
been shared with the Australia
New Zealand
<https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-nz/2020/000197.html>, and
Oceania <https://lists.osgeo.org/pipermail/oceania/2020-May/002291.html>
talklists in earlier emails and on the Maptime Oceania Slack
You can find the local chapter application that was submitted to the OSMF

*Application review*

As part of the application review process, the OSMF Board, namely Joost
Schouppe and Rory McCann, have already reached out to the community via
various channels to gauge the level of community support for the
application. While they received positive responses, the response was
limited. I think we can do better.

*Establishing an OpenStreetMap working group*

One of the concerns raised by the OSMF Board and others is that OSGeo
Oceania might not be truly representative of the OSM community. One
solution to address this concern is to establish an OSM focused working
group made up of representatives from across the region. While I hinted at
this in May, I am now formally proposing that we establish a working group.

The working group is a good solution because it will allow a wider range of
voices from the region, without the requirement that those voices have any
affiliation with OSGeo Oceania. At the same time, the working group would
be able to benefit from the resources, structure, and conference platform
that OSGeo Oceania has already established.

*I propose the following:*


   An initial meeting of interested parties at 12:00 pm AEST/2pm New
   Zealand/Fiji time
   this Thursday, July 23rd. The Google Meet link is in the calendar invite.
   If you're unable to make this time, let me know and I will arrange an
   additional meeting. Discussion via email is also acceptable.

   Formal establishment of an OSM working group and nomination of a leader
   to coordinate these efforts.

   Notification to OSGeo Oceania that this working group has been

   Notification to the OSMF that this working group has been established
   and that it will seek to understand and represent stakeholders in Oceania's
   OSM community.

   Consultation period where the working group gathers input from
   throughout the region.

   Documentation of the working groups first priorities.

The OSMF Board can then make a determination on whether to recognise OSGeo
Oceania and by extension this working group as the local chapter for
OpenStreetMap in Oceania.

Thank you for your time and I hope you'll lend your support to this

Edoardo Neerhut
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