[Talk-nz] Making the LINZ NZ Building Outlines available in RapiD

Timothée Duhamel timothee.duhamel at gmail.com
Mon Apr 5 05:50:20 UTC 2021

Hi all, hope you've had a nice long weekend

Apologies I've let this drag out a while. I would like to proceed with
having this layer made available in RapiD. I will request that Esri moves
forward to the next stage of making this layer accessible in the RapiD
editor. I believe this will then be a second review period, where the data
is live in the editor but not yet able to be uploaded to OSM. Then a final
confirmation will mean edits can begin.

No changes have been made to the data since the first proposal, each
building feature imported through the tool will have two tags:

I will update when the layer is available for review in RapiD,

On Tue, Feb 2, 2021 at 12:45 PM Timothée Duhamel <timothee.duhamel at gmail.com>

> Hi everyone,
> I'm an Auckland based OSM contributor (username CoyKoi), and I've been
> looking at ways to improve building coverage. Initially I was doing a lot
> of my own additions through manual tracing, but I've slowed down on that as
> it feels like unnecessary work, knowing that there are high quality
> building outline datasets available. Many of you would have been involved
> in the previous imports of building outlines, which are in various stages
> of completion, and no longer active. For example, much of Auckland was
> never completed. I've been following the changes in data and technology
> available, and I believe there's an opportunity to begin a new building
> outline import.
> So I am getting in touch with the NZ-OSM mailing list seeking the
> community's support to have the LINZ building outline dataset made
> available on RapiD. I have already made a quick query on the Maptime
> Oceania slack channel, where I received support. Daniel Silk from LINZ
> has been instrumental in working with the RapiD team to have the dataset
> preprocessed, ready for inclusion.
> Please review the dataset, wiki page and FAQ below and let me know what
> you think. I look forward to hearing feedback, discussion and hopefully
> your support to proceed with the project.
> This is the original* NZ Building Outlines* dataset, on LINZ Data
> Service: https://data.linz.govt.nz/layer/101290-nz-building-outlines/
> Here is the dataset processed ready for community review, before being
> enabled in RapiD:
> https://www.arcgis.com/home/webmap/viewer.html?useExisting=1&layers=ef9136b079e24bbfb432be9bbdd246ff
> A *wiki page* for this project has been created,  with plenty of
> information at
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/New_Zealand_Buildings
> *What is RapiD?*
> RapiD is a special version of the standard iD web editor which offers
> suggested features to the user. The user can select the features and choose
> to include them in their changeset. Or they can choose to ignore a feature,
> for example if they know a building doesn't exist, or would rather draw it
> themselves. This means that the data is being added with a high degree of
> oversight, compared to other import processes, and users are restricted to
> adding only 50 features per changeset. There is also a JOSM plugin
> available.
> *How does it work?*
> I would suggest trying RapiD hands-on, to see how the suggestions work. I
> have been testing it in Australia, where they have had Microsoft Buildings
> available in RapiD since October. (I would note that the LINZ building
> outlines are of higher quality than the Microsoft data available in
> Australia)
> Try RapiD here: https://mapwith.ai/rapid
> Or the JOSM plugin instructions are here:
> https://josm.openstreetmap.de/wiki/Help/Plugin/MapWithAI
> *Will this undo all my hard work drawing buildings already on OSM?*
> *No *- RapiD only suggests features where there is no existing feature
> already. Areas that are already well mapped will show very few, if any,
> suggestions.
> *Is this an import?*
> This is not a systematic bulk import like previous LINZ data imports, but
> yes essentially this is enabling users to perform small, manual imports.
> Having said that, I'm sure that a tasking manager project could be set up
> to have a more systematic approach to reviewing and importing the data.
> *Any risks?*
> The building outlines were generated from imagery up to 8 years old in
> some areas, so in those places there will be buildings suggested which have
> since been demolished. Correctly identifying and ignoring these features
> will depend on users having local knowledge or consulting more recent
> imagery when manually adding the buildings. Also there are false-positives
> where caravans, shade sails, canopies have been digitised as buildings -
> again these could be picked up by the user when manually reviewing the
> buildings.
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