[Talk-nz] Making the LINZ NZ Building Outlines available in RapiD

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Tue Feb 23 03:41:40 UTC 2021

I've only just realised I failed to send my reply to the mailing list,
instead only replying to Eliot. Please see the Forwarded message for my
initial reply. I'm hoping this message chains correctly..

I have since updated the wiki page to better reflect the goal of including
NZ Buildings in RapiD, by removing references to bulk imports, and
describing the effort as enabling contributors to add quality building
outlines in a conflation-sensitive manner:
I've also included a table showing the fields available in the input data,
and how they could be mapped through to tags on the OSM building features.
This relates to Daniel's discussion in another thread.

Please review the updated wiki page:


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From: Timothée Duhamel <timothee.duhamel at gmail.com>
Date: Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 11:37 PM
Subject: Re: [Talk-nz] Making the LINZ NZ Building Outlines available in
To: Eliot Blennerhassett <eliot at blennerhassett.gen.nz>

Thanks Eliot, you raise good points about the scope, that wiki page and the
role of Esri,

The slack chat on Maptime Oceania was my first port of call to gauge
community appetite. I received a few positive responses which encouraged me
to proceed. Here's the log from the #openstreetmap channel, Jan 14th:

Tim D  10:45 AM
(NZ) How would people feel about having (approved) LINZ data made available
in RapID/MapWithAi, to facilitate the manual import of the data? I'm
thinking Building Outlines, for starters.
Tim McNamara  10:46 AM
Can't think of any downsides @Tim D
dwsilk  3:22 PM
That'd be cool :slightly_smiling_face: (from my biased viewpoint)
If you've got any questions about the data / schema / APIs you're using to
facilitate that, ping me.
Kyle H  5:38 PM
sounds exciting! @Tim D

>From there Daniel and I talked and contacted Esri about the possibility of
including the NZ Buildings as one of their OSM-ready datasets.

The involvement of Esri is that they're facilitating the process which
starts with a raw LINZ dataset and results in mappers having the features
ready to add via the RapiD or JOSM editors. These blog posts outline their
role in getting the data onto Rapid:

<https://tech.fb.com/osm-ready-data-sets/>> Overview question is whether
the proposal is just "Make the building outlines available on Rapid" for
mappers to use ad-hoc as they wish OR "Add buildings to Rapid and use Rapid
to import all the buildings in a planned way"
My suggestion is for the former: *Make the building outlines available on
Rapid for mappers to use ad-hoc as they wish*.
And I think I'll update the wiki to clarify that, because you're right it
does have sections which make it sound like there's a plan for a systematic
bulk import.

I agree that the wiki page needs work on its wording around the scope and
plan, please consider it a work in progress. This mail chain is indeed the
first discussion about this, and should shape what is written in the wiki.
The 'input from OSM NZ and LINZ reps' was Daniel and I suggesting to Esri
which tags to use as they process the data into its "OSM-ready" format.
This includes the ref:linz:building_id tag, and is a conversation that we
began and are now continuing here.

On Wed, Feb 3, 2021 at 1:09 PM Eliot Blennerhassett <
eliot at blennerhassett.gen.nz> wrote:

> Hi Timothée,
> Interesting proposal, some comments and questions below...
> On 2/02/21 12:45 pm, Timothée Duhamel wrote:
> > Hi everyone,
> >
> > I'm an Auckland based OSM contributor (username CoyKoi), and I've been
> looking at ways to improve building coverage. Initially I was doing a lot
> of my own additions through manual tracing, but I've slowed down on that as
> it feels like unnecessary work, knowing that there are high quality
> building outline datasets available. Many of you would have been involved
> in the previous imports of building outlines, which are in various stages
> of completion, and no longer active. For example, much of Auckland was
> never completed. I've been following the changes in data and technology
> available, and I believe there's an opportunity to begin a new building
> outline import.
> >
> > So I am getting in touch with the NZ-OSM mailing list seeking the
> community's support to have the LINZ building outline dataset made
> available on RapiD. I have already made a quick query on the Maptime
> Oceania slack channel, where I received support.
> Please would you show me where I can read that discussion (without
> requiring signing up to slack), or copy it to this mailing list.
> > Daniel Silk from LINZ has been instrumental in working with the RapiD
> team to have the dataset preprocessed, ready for inclusion.
> >
> > Please review the dataset, wiki page and FAQ below and let me know what
> you think. I look forward to hearing feedback, discussion and hopefully
> your support to proceed with the project.
> > A wiki page for this project has been created,  with plenty of
> information at
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/New_Zealand_Buildings
> Overview question is whether the proposal is just "Make the building
> outlines available on Rapid" for mappers to use ad-hoc as they wish OR "Add
> buildings to Rapid and use Rapid to import all the buildings in a planned
> way"
> The page says that there are about 3.2M buildings in the dataset.
> Elsewhere I saw that Rapid allows a maximum of 50 items per changeset.
> This means the import amounts to at least 60K changesets,
> Also the plan aspires to complete the mapping in 2021...
> The link "A new version of Rapid" https://mapwith.ai/rapid-esri leads to
> a 403 Forbidden page.
> I'm not clear how or why Esri is involved, or needs to be involved, given
> that the original data is available from LINZ data service?
> The wiki page appears to be written by Deane Kensok who resides in
> Beaumont, California and works for Esri - what is the NZ connection?
> The wiki claims "input from OSM NZ", yet your email is the first I have
> heard of the idea...
> regards
> --
> Eliot
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