[talk-ph] another road renamed, another border duspute

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The road to be renamed is 11th Jamboree Street (now known as GMA Drive) from Timog Avenue to EDSA, not Timog Avenue, just to make ourselves clear. ANd I already done that, over 15 hours ago.

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In updating renamed roads, can we add alternate names
old_name:Timog Avenue
name:GMA Drive

Or something similar to that effect?  For instance Gil Puyat is still
popularly known as Buendia (Boonja in some

On Mon, Dec 15, 2008 at 7:16 PM, ian lopez <ian_lopez_1115 at yahoo.com>
> From what I had read in the recent days, 11th Jamboree Street from eds to
> Timog Avenue is now known as GMA Drive. This is similar to renaming Scout
> Albano to Eugenio Lopez, Jr. Drive a few years back.
> Also, portions of Barangay San Lorenzo are being relocated to Barangays
> del Pilar and Bangkal, whcih is technically illegal (in my opinion), since
> it needs a law to be passed by both houses of Congress and the
> signature for it to be oficial. I'm not concerned with the motives
> it. Rather, I'm putting this up as a reminder: don't move the
> (for now).
> These challenges for us isn't that exciting anyway. But I'm
posting it for
> information's sake.
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