[talk-ph] Cebu tracks.

Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Mon Dec 29 06:21:14 GMT 2008


Just uploaded three GPX tracks to OSM and have been trying to figure out how to incorporate them into the map. 

My first try was with Potlach. I press G to get the traces displaying, but after that, I'm pretty much unable to do anything with them. I can "convert to Track" and unlock individual points, but then can't split the way at any point -- the options are greyed out. If I try to convert the whole track, then Potlach complains that the track is too long. The wiki here is unhelpful 

I then tried to figure it out with JOSM. I can load the Cebu area, and then load the GPX track into another layer, but once again I can't edit the track -- its just a series of pinpoint grey dots. I've tried "Load GPS data" from OSM and also from the GPX file itself. Once again the wiki has infinite detail about how to install the thing, but nothing on how to use it.

So ... if anyone wants to integrate the data, which I've just made public, then please go ahead. Its virgin territory there ... but if you do, could you just email me with the process you're following in detail, so that I can handle future traces myself ... Or at least point me at a better written guide than the wiki.

I think this is possibly a problem which OSM will have to wrestle with. It will either have to assign people to integrate data, or make the process easier. I've been working with computers for 20 years, and if I can't figure it out in an hour or two, then there has to be an easier way!


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