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Not only that, I still can't believe that San Pablo City is no longer
in Google Maps since they "mixed" the info since last week. Also, this
is one of those places where OSM owns Google. (for those who need a bit
of proof, compare this to this. Take note, the only proof that you're in that area [in google] is because of a misdrawn Sampaloc Lake)
And how about Tagaytay? (the site of the 1st mapping party, which was
agreed upon days ago) Does the data import from MapMaker to the main
Google Map affect the latter's coverage for the said area?

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This happened last week. Check out this Google Lat Long blog post: http://google-latlong.blogspot.com/2009/02/graduation-day-for-map-maker.html.
I’m actually wondering what criteria they used to select which data to
import from Map Maker since not everything in Map Maker went to Maps.
(And they still have the old road outdated road network for Bonifacio
Global City. Pffft.)

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Just discover when I clicked the road layer in GEarth, Google's Map

Maker now in the main map and google earth road layer.  Have a look

just don't copy :)

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