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I think I know you, I'm from Neuraltech with George Tujan. I am also a
contributor of OSM for Davao City and other provinces outside Davao. We
will have an L & K session this March 28. We will talk about OSM and how
to contribute the right way.

Best regards,


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>Hi Everyone, 
>I am really fascinated with the quality of work this community is
churning out.
>We happen to have some interns this summer, and I was thinking maybe
guided by
>those already involved in mapping , here in Davao city they can
contribute to
>some meaningful work. 
>The interns are savvy enough to operate Office applications and basic
Java and
>VB but zero knowledge in Mapping and GIS. We have a list of things
lined up for
>them to learn and try but I sincerely think this mapping endeavour will
>My team and I are located in Davao City, if there is anyone willing to
help us
>out, we have ready and able interns with sleeves rolled up ready to
buckle down
>and get dirty. My email is artesmeralda at gmail dot com. And my cell
>number is 0918.589.4822.
>2009/3/20 Ronny Ager-Wick - Develo Ltd. <raw at develo.ltd.uk>
>I have the following suggestion for new community controlled postal
codes in the
>Phils, based on the UK system, but improved and modified to make more
sense in
>the Phils and to be easier to read and less disputed...
>Format: AAAA99A 9AA
>Example: ABCD12E 3FG
>AB = Province or Metropolitan Area
>CD = Town
>12 = district or section of town - divided using the method mentioned
>E = (optional) sub district, to be used when we run out of post codes
in an area
>3 = sector within district
>FG = unit within sector - generally a limited section of a street with
1 to 100
>or so houses
>Here's a further description of the above:
>AB = Province or Metropolitan Area
>A two letter acronym for each province. Must be carefully compiled to
be as
>logical as possible. I have focussed on unique characters in the name,
the first
>letter always being the same as the first letter of the name.
>AB = Abra
>AN = Agusan del Norte
>AS = Agusan del Sur
>AK = Aklan
>AL = Albay
>AQ = Antique
>AY = Apayao
>AU = Aurora
>BS = Basilan
>BA = Bataan
>BT = Batanes
>BN = Batangas
>BG = Benguet
>BI = Biliran
>BH = Bohol
>BK = Bukidnon
>BC = Bulacan
>MM = Metro Manila
>PP = Pampanga
>CD = Town
>Two char acronym for town within province:
>(Metro Manila)
>CO = Caloocan
>LP = Las Piñas
>MK = Makati
>MB = Malabon
>MY = Mandaluyong
>MN = Manila
>MR = Marikina
>ML = Muntinlupa
>NV = Navotas
>PQ = Parañaque
>PY = Pasay
>PS = Pasig
>PT = Pateros
>QC = Quezon City
>SJ = San Juan
>TG = Taguig
>VZ = Valenzuela
>AC = Angeles City[1] 
>SF = City of San Fernando[2] 
>AP = Apalit 
>AY = Arayat 
>BC = Bacolor 
>CD = Candaba 
>FB = Floridablanca 
>GG = Guagua 
>LB = Lubao 
>MB = Mabalacat 
>MC = Macabebe 
>MG = Magalang 
>MS = Masantol 
>MX = Mexico 
>MN = Minalin 
>PR = Porac 
>SL = San Luis 
>SS = San Simon 
>SA = Santa Ana 
>SR = Santa Rita 
>ST = Santo Tomas 
>SS = Sasmuan
>12 = district or section of town
>I propose instead of assigning seemingly random numbers, like is the
case here
>in the UK, we could have a bit mor structured approach. We'll start at
the town
>center, which in the province towns probably could be the town hall or
>other obvious center. In the metropolitan areas it matters less and we
>probably go for a geographical center.
>First digit - distance from town center
>0 = postal codes surrounding town center.
>1 = nearest circle around town center
>9 = 9th circle
>we could also go on to letters if needed
>Second digit - direction
>(hope all can see my compass)
> 0
> 9 N 1
>8 ___|___ 2
>7 | 3
> 6 S 4
> 5
>We could also go for the more well known clock style, using A for 11
and B for
>12 - but B might be confused with 8...
>So this would give us, for example:
>MMQC05 3AQ - Metro Manila / Quezon City, Just south of the selected
>MMMK25 9XD - Metro Manila / Makati, southern part, not too far from the
>PPMG92 0AB - Pampanga / Magalang, far away barrio (distance 9), East
>possibly slightly north of the town center
>PPMX00 0AA - Pampanga / Mexico, town center (or just north of it if you
want to
>be exact)
>Obviously, within a post code, house number are unique and post codes
>generally not span more than one street.
>Criticism is openly accepted!
>In fact, I'll give some already (with answers), but please give more:
>- The post codes are long - we might need to skip a digit for example
the sector
>(the 7th digit), as we've already sliced it up so well anyway, plus we
>have the optional sub district if needed.
>- instead of MMQC and PPMG, we could use a single or double character
>name like they do in the UK, only assigning this code to a handful big
>(smaller towns being under the big city's postcode system), saving us 2
>characters (Yes, but that has caused many disputes, which is going to
make it
>difficult to get people to adapt the system - see
>http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/UK_postcodes . Also, the place names in
>Philippines are a lot more duplicated than they are in the UK, hence
the use of
>Province/Metropolitan Area prefix)
>- what if there are border changes or disputes? (they will have to live
with two
>postcodes for a while, until things settle down)
>- what about adding a checksum digit so a postcode can be verified
>electronically (could do, but it will add yet another digit)
>- what about non-geographic postal codes, like a permanent post code
for a big
>company or government organization? (we could consider not offering
>because it gets messy, or we could use letters instead of numbers in
>district (distance+direction) code)
>- This is ridiculous! who will need this? (Mail order companies,
>Direct Marketing companies, Government, Post office, any company or
>delivering anything to a person they don't already know, YOU (enter the
>code on your GPS and go straight to the door!)
>- who will assign the numbers? (we, the community, in an open and
democratic way)
>Best regards,
>Ronny Ager-Wick
>Develo Ltd
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