[talk-ph] please revert this user's edit (Re: Fwd: [OSM-talk] RR8 - Possible International Vandal(assistance required in various countries))

ian lopez ian_lopez_1115 at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 18 07:32:01 BST 2009

Regarding cleaning up and/or removing some tainted data, it could be a tricky one. I did some cleanup in Ashton Fields in Calamba (and 

added landuse and a road stub for future reference); Ponte Verde near the STAR tollway interchange in Santo Tomas (where there used to 

be some edits from maning); most of downtown Tiaong and the nearby market area (which can be "recovered" by making an actual GPS 

trace in the area, more if necessary); Dolores, Quezon (where I could go and make some GPS traces, if my schedule isn't that busy); and the 

Avida residences in the Tayabas/Lucena boundary area (someone had previously made an edit over the area). I also made some cleanup 

in the Bicol area - along the stretch of the Pan-Philippine Highway (specifically in Naga City, where it is hard to edit when using the online 

editor - epecially if one's computer is very slow and 8 years old and above), and some places in Albay.

The problem with some of Anthony's edits is that they have too many nodes in a certain way, which is probably bad for routing. The problem 

with some of Deck's edits is that some of the edits he made were probably done previously by other contributors (which is the other problem 

caused by some of Anthony's edits). If we are to activiate the revert script on those edits, madadamay ang ibang mga edits (other edits will 

be affected by it). For me, It would be best to retrace, remove or transfer tags, then delete the questionable nodes and ways, if there were 

some previous edits placed in that area, so that the older (and probably less tainted) edits will be there, although under a new node/way 

identification number.

BTW, we're lucky that we don't have to deal with people like RR8. Instead, all we need now is some understanding and consensus.

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