[talk-ph] Node position for towns

Marloue Pidor murlwe at mail2Engineer.com
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Good idea, moving "Davao City" to the City Hall. Let me see if it look
better there. What I did before is to place those city/municipal name
markers to a place where there's few POI's.


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>Hi all.
>I have partially brought this subject up with Maning some time ago and
>just like bring it up again on the forum ...
>I propose to make it standard to position town nodes as near as
possible to the
>municipal hall of the towns. This makes for better and easier
navigation when
>using the osmphil_garmin GPS map that Maning compiles. Most town nodes
>still located at the geographical center of the boundaries of the town.
If the
>node is moved near to the municipal hall (which is usually along the
main road
>of the town), a traveller can see better what town is "next down the
road" when
>he/she navigates with a GPS.
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