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Ronny Ager-Wick - Develo Ltd. raw at develo.ltd.uk
Mon Apr 12 08:04:20 BST 2010

I assume routing software will prefer a trunk road over a primary road?

The way I've done it, primary roads are the main thoroughfare through an 
area - the road most locals would choose when going *through*. I've 
upgraded a few roads to primary due to their importance. You could 
possible ask the question "If I'm in this town, and I'm to the town 
after the neighbouring town, which road would I choose?" The answer is 
most likely a primary road. But, I would normally not touch roads I am 
not local to and thus *know* the importance of. However the only 
exception was a map maning send to the list conttaining the main roads 
of Luzon, which I upgraded a couple of roads based on because it made 
complete sense.

Now, truck roads I feel are a bit sacred. My ffeling is that these are 
roads that cross provinces. For example McArthur highway is the only 
truck road in Pampanga.
I guess a trunk road will function like a motorway if one was not 
present, but cannot be upgraded to one because of the standard.
In cities, my gut feeling is that trunk roads are the ones most people 
would choose to get in or out of the city, or through it - the ones you 
will guise people without knowleedge to take. For example, ,you'd 
probably guide them to go on EDSA when going from the south to the 
north, not a combination of minor roads that may save theem 10 minutes 
of driving if you know what roads to take.
Disclosure: I may be wrong, I don't know my way around metro Manila. *I* 
go on EDSA so that I won't get lost! :)

Take a look at central London: http://osm.org/go/euu4KZ5
There are no trunk roads in the center itself, except one - park lane - 
which is a major thoroughfare, and kind of splits the western part of 
central London from the main center. Park Lane is also the only way to 
go through central London north to south at daytime without paying ?8 
congestion charge, so you can imagine it being pretty well utilized :)
There's a ring road surrounding the center, which consist of trunk 
roads. This helps people looking at the map to choose the right route to 
take, as there are so many primary roads. They tend to be wider than 
primary roads, but some portions of them are just the saem size as 
primary - the upgrade is merely to help people choose the right route.

So my 2 centavos worth is: If it helps people choose the best (most 
used) route through an area with lots of primary roads, then an upgrade 
to trunk seems sensible. I also think trunk roads should be connected to 
other trunk roads, thus act to help people not known to the area which 
route to take to get outta there! :)


maning sambale wrote:
> Pardon my ignorance,  what is the benefit of re-classifying the roads
> form primary to trunk?  I don't mind doing this for my area, but I
> need clear benefits before doing this.
> Does this provide better routing?
> On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 11:40 AM, Eugene Alvin Villar <seav80 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On Mon, Apr 12, 2010 at 10:47 AM, Jim Morgan <jim at datalude.com> wrote:
>>> Eugene Alvin Villar wrote, On Sunday, 11 April, 2010 09:55 PM:
>>>> That said, I was actually thinking of upgrading Espana-Quezon Avenue to
>>>> trunk. :-)
>>>> What do other people think?
>>> My 2 centavos: Trunk roads are inter-city / town. Its also to do with the
>>> way people enter/exit the road. So ... NLEX should be a trunk: EDSA should
>>> be a primary road.
>>> Jim
>> "the way people enter/exit the road" That sounds like highway=motorway. And
>> indeed, NLEX is highway=motorway because it's a high-speed road with limited
>> entry/exit points and usually has a toll.
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