[talk-ph] General strategy to using bing imagery in areas with no active OSMer (was Re: Microsoft Bing Maps Imagerty [sic] Terms of Use)

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Tue Dec 7 08:22:58 GMT 2010

> btw, i'm using it on windows. The maning's simple instruction of
> simply downloading josm-latest.jar did not work for me earlier. I had
> uninstalled the josm windows installer, & installed the plain
> josm-latest.jar... didn't work.

Sorry. :)

> but then, after downloading the latest version again, I finally saw
> Bing on JOSM version 3695, and I'm still clueless what happened and
> how I did it. :-)

This is because at the time that you have initially downloaded josm,
the bing slippy option is disabled in the win installer because of the
pending legal blah.

I suspect that when you downloaded the win installer again, the
legalese is now OK.

> I still have to figure out how to zoom in way down to a closer look of
> street level in josm. Bing imagery tend to disappear below 80meter
> zoom level. (i don't mind seeing pixelized image as long as I can see
> the silhouette of street)

In the  Preferences-SlippyMap>Tile Sources>Bing Aerial Maps, set the
max zoom level to 21 or higher.  The default was z18.

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