[talk-ph] Bing or own aerial pictures...

Totor totor_osm at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 13 05:06:37 GMT 2010

Hi all,

Just a quick note on the imagery.
I still have problems stitching them with Hugin.
More details here : http://osm.totor.ph/

I was able to align part of the pictures further, using
QGIS. Still not good enough in my opinion, but I won't have time to continue the experiment for the moment. 
Altough not good for editing, I uploaded the resulting imagery for viewing here :

Selecting the "My TMS" main layer allows to zoom to 21!



--- On Sun, 11/28/10, Totor <totor_osm at yahoo.com> wrote:

> That could be great to add them to gravitystorm. 
> But wait for the final ones. The stitched images I have now
> are not correctly aligned yet.
> I hope that will be better after replacing the automatic
> control points with manual ones. (Now automatic points on
> tall building distort the ground level, so I try to place
> all control points on ground level.)
> --- On Sun, 11/28/10, maning sambale  wrote:
> > Very cool experiment!  Would you
> > like this added to the philippine
> > images we have in the osm dev server (spot and
> > quickbirds)?  Maybe we
> > can request gravitystorm to include this
> imagery.  Or
> > you can serve
> > them yourself via tms.
> > 


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