[talk-ph] Sun Cruises is using OSM!

Leonard Soriano banito_pinoy at yahoo.com
Wed Dec 29 14:31:03 GMT 2010

Hi Jim,

Just this year also, I had several friends who brought their MTB bikes to Corregidor island using sun cruise. Sometimes it depends who you were able to talk to.

Here is an interesting blog of Corregidor travel on folding bikes.


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> > Eugene Alvin Villar wrote, On Wednesday, 29 December,
> 2010 10:54 AM:
> >> I'll try to talk to them and maybe we can finally
> push through with
> >> the Corregidor Mapping Party.
> >
> > I'd definitely be on for that. I talked to Sun Cruises
> last year, and I was trying to figure out a way to get
> mountain bikes across to the island. Their response was a
> flat out "No. You can't take bikes on the boat". I guess
> they make money from the transport and tours the other side.
> Maybe if we talked to them about what we're doing, they'd
> let us loose on the island with bikes, which would make
> things much easier. Maybe they'd also waive the boat fare?
> >
> > Alternately, I heard there's another boat company who
> has trips to Corregidor, but who _will_ let bikes on their
> boat. Forgot the name though ... I'll research this again if
> anyone's interested.
> >
> > Jim
> Please do, it's easier to map out Corregidor on bikes. :-)
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