[talk-ph] Suggestion: Restrict use of Primary and Secondary roads

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Sat Jan 23 10:26:47 GMT 2010

This is to separate the issue of classification of major arterial roads from the "changes of road type" thread.

I suggest the following:

Classification of major arterial roads into the classes primary and secondary should be done according to official sources.
Motorway/trunk to be used where applicable.
All other roads should refrain from use of primary/secondary.

It's important to understand that the functional classification is politically decided and used for deciding what parts of the road system is going to receive funding for improvements.

This implies that the quality of a primary road way wary from horrendous to a 8 lane motorway.

However it is important to maintain the primary classification - even for the horrendous section - of a primary arterial road as it is still the best available road and it is the preferred route. To describe the quality of a the different sections of a road we need to use the surface, width, lanes and maxspeed tags.

- Definition of primary / secondary arterial roads will follow official recommendations and guide overall traffic based on political decisions.
- No confusion about source of classification.
- Well designed layout of primary / secondary roads already defined for entire Philippines.
- Newbies don't ever have to be concerned about primary / secondary.
- Maps will look nice as arterial roads will traverse any part of the country.

- Some sections on the Primary / Secondary roads will have 20 kph speed limits (but its still the best way available)
- Review of existing use of primary / secondary might be needed to bring current use in alignment with new consensus (once such has been achieved)

The only official source I have been able to locate on the internet was World Bank maps dated from 2000:



- Does anybody have more up-to-date about the road classification than 2000?
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