[talk-ph] Classification of the NLEx Tabang Spur Road

Rally de Leon ralleon at gmail.com
Sat Jul 24 03:54:44 BST 2010

Clark Spur Road (CSR) & Tabang Spur Road (TSR) can be seen on mapquest
at mapscale 3200meters & below, but both (and all motorwaylinks) start
to disappear from the mapquest at scale 7000meters & up.

I'm the one who converted TSR to motorwaylink (since it connects NLEX
to AH26), with the idea that we can make it appear on GPS maps to have
a better 'transition color' from motorway-to-trunk, or
motorway-to-primary, rather than from 'motorway color' directly (and
abruptly) to 'trunk or primary color', since some of them are
connected directly 'in-line'.

For uniformity, I just patterned TSR tag similar to existing CSR
'motorway_link' tag (which connects NLEX to AH26 to SCTEX); 'coz as
the name suggests, it "links" :-) But the problem in both cases, is
that they are 'too long' to be noticed as 'missing' or disconnected
when you zoom out, unlike ordinary ramps.

Motorway Link is used on osmph mainly as tag for 'shorter' for
fast/slow exit roads (which have driving speeds between 30-60kmh
depending on the width/length).

In comparison to Garmin map (besides Motorway, Trunk & Primary Roads),
they assigned separate 'hexcodes' for 'Low-Speed Ramp (exit road)',
'High-Speed Ramp (exit road)' & 'Major Highway Connector'; so it's
easy to manipulate the speed, how & when each will render on the map.

In the absence of differentiating tags in osmph, Spur road, Highway
Connectors & Ramps are tagged similarly as 'motorway_link', thus
creating this problem.

My impression of a 'Major Highway Connector' on Garmin maps: refers to
these long spur roads (ground level, tunnel or bridge), or even those
'long unclassified flyovers' like the one that connects Global city to
Buendia. It passes over Kalayaan Ave & EDSA, yet this connector
road/bridge is not considered part or portion of 32nd St, Kalayaan Ave
or EDSA or Buendia. Its sole purpose is just to 'link' (major roads)
like 32nd St & Buendia.

Should we convert all long 'motorway_links' like Spur Roads to
'motorways' (or primary roads depending on location), since they
function like a motorway (like limited exits, high-speed), if so what
is the minimum 'road length' to differentiate from motorway_links?

Or we leave them as it is, until a new osm classification is made for
'spur road / major highway connector'?

Or we just ask mapquest to make motorwaylinks appear up to 7000meter scale :-)

On Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 1:20 AM, Eugene Alvin Villar <seav80 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi guys,
> I noticed that MapQuest doesn't render NLEx's Tabang Spur Road in lower zoom
> levels[1] and this is apparently because it is tagged as
> highway=motorway_link.
> Is this the correct classification? I think the whole spur road should still
> be highway=motorway and the entry/exit ramps are the ones that should be
> highway=motorway_link. What do you think?
> [1] http://open.mapquest.co.uk/mq/9-9Gv6VZ29f2D8ToOQ6o1u
> Eugene
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