[talk-ph] Classification of the NLEx Tabang Spur Road

Eugene Alvin Villar seav80 at gmail.com
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Well, unlike the SCTEX-NLEX link road, the Tabang Spur Road is named "Road"
and not "Link". In addition, the spur road itself has ramps from the Krus
road [1][2] which suggests that the Tabang Spur Road itself functions as a
motorway--a branch of NLEX. (Also, I think those ramps from Krus road are
the actual motorway_links.) I guess MapQuest's rendering is a rendering
problem, but ignoring Garmin's and MapQuest's data/rendering peculiarities
for a moment, I am inclined to think that the Tabang Spur Road is a motorway
itself based on the function.

[1] http://osm.org/go/4zOraYSkS--

On Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 10:54 AM, Rally de Leon <ralleon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Clark Spur Road (CSR) & Tabang Spur Road (TSR) can be seen on mapquest
> at mapscale 3200meters & below, but both (and all motorwaylinks) start
> to disappear from the mapquest at scale 7000meters & up.
> I'm the one who converted TSR to motorwaylink (since it connects NLEX
> to AH26), with the idea that we can make it appear on GPS maps to have
> a better 'transition color' from motorway-to-trunk, or
> motorway-to-primary, rather than from 'motorway color' directly (and
> abruptly) to 'trunk or primary color', since some of them are
> connected directly 'in-line'.
> For uniformity, I just patterned TSR tag similar to existing CSR
> 'motorway_link' tag (which connects NLEX to AH26 to SCTEX); 'coz as
> the name suggests, it "links" :-) But the problem in both cases, is
> that they are 'too long' to be noticed as 'missing' or disconnected
> when you zoom out, unlike ordinary ramps.
> Motorway Link is used on osmph mainly as tag for 'shorter' for
> fast/slow exit roads (which have driving speeds between 30-60kmh
> depending on the width/length).
> In comparison to Garmin map (besides Motorway, Trunk & Primary Roads),
> they assigned separate 'hexcodes' for 'Low-Speed Ramp (exit road)',
> 'High-Speed Ramp (exit road)' & 'Major Highway Connector'; so it's
> easy to manipulate the speed, how & when each will render on the map.
> In the absence of differentiating tags in osmph, Spur road, Highway
> Connectors & Ramps are tagged similarly as 'motorway_link', thus
> creating this problem.
> My impression of a 'Major Highway Connector' on Garmin maps: refers to
> these long spur roads (ground level, tunnel or bridge), or even those
> 'long unclassified flyovers' like the one that connects Global city to
> Buendia. It passes over Kalayaan Ave & EDSA, yet this connector
> road/bridge is not considered part or portion of 32nd St, Kalayaan Ave
> or EDSA or Buendia. Its sole purpose is just to 'link' (major roads)
> like 32nd St & Buendia.
> Should we convert all long 'motorway_links' like Spur Roads to
> 'motorways' (or primary roads depending on location), since they
> function like a motorway (like limited exits, high-speed), if so what
> is the minimum 'road length' to differentiate from motorway_links?
> Or we leave them as it is, until a new osm classification is made for
> 'spur road / major highway connector'?
> Or we just ask mapquest to make motorwaylinks appear up to 7000meter scale
> :-)
> On Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 1:20 AM, Eugene Alvin Villar <seav80 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > Hi guys,
> >
> > I noticed that MapQuest doesn't render NLEx's Tabang Spur Road in lower
> zoom
> > levels[1] and this is apparently because it is tagged as
> > highway=motorway_link.
> >
> > Is this the correct classification? I think the whole spur road should
> still
> > be highway=motorway and the entry/exit ramps are the ones that should be
> > highway=motorway_link. What do you think?
> >
> > [1] http://open.mapquest.co.uk/mq/9-9Gv6VZ29f2D8ToOQ6o1u
> >
> >
> > Eugene
> >
> >
> >
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