[talk-ph] OSM, Walking-papers and local Government, HS Students, Subv Owners.

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Sun Jul 25 14:54:17 BST 2010

Hi Noli,

The Metro Manila page on the wiki is definitely not updated. And we're
actually using Walking Papers during the Mapping Parties in Metro Manila
such as during the Marikina Mapping Party.

We definitely could use some outreach activities. I think there has been
little in the way of talking to village homeowner's association,
geographic/geodetic engineering students and student orgs, and local
government units. Hopefully once we get the actual post-incorporation tasks
of OpenStreetMap Philippines Inc. out of the way, we can use the org to
liaise with relevant orgs and institutions.


On Sat, Jul 24, 2010 at 12:12 PM, Noli Sicad <nsicad at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Last night, I was browsing for mapnik, OSM, QuantumNik, etc. related
> materials to read and learn and I read about walking-papers
> http://walking-papers.org/
> Now, I am just looking what is happening in OSM-PH.
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Metro_Manila
> It seems that some of the roads are unnamed  yet according to the wiki.
> Probably OSM-PH can use the walking-papers to iron out details on the
> maps and name those unnamed street and road by asking the local
> government - cities and barangay officials to help OSM.
> I think the City of Manila is already using the OSM maps (I saw the
> OSM maps in the TV news in one of the news earlier this year). High
> School Students could be tap as well as resources. Joggers and walkers
> clubs can probably help as well using the walking-papers approach.
> I think local subdivision owners organizations will likely to
> volunteer to do this job, map their own subdivision using walking
> papers and then later on ask them to do the real work of OSM mapping
> with GPS if the roads are not yet done :-).
> I can't help you much in leg work in OSM-PH since I am in Melbourne,
> Australia.
> Thanks,
> Regards, Noli
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