[talk-ph] Uploading my GPX Tracks from my Phone Directly?

Ray rayosm1234 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 21 11:16:52 GMT 2010

Andre Marcelo-Tanner wrote:
> Does anyone know of a java or Blackberry app that can upload my tracks
> straight to OSM. I can't find time to map at home but when I'm out I
> sure could track my travels and input POI's (mapzen for iphone). Meron
> kya ng pang upload ng tracks direct from my phone to OSM?
> Anyone used something like that before?
> I know I can transfer to my pc and then upload pero hassle yun :) tska
> convenient yung straight from phone.

GpsMid <http://gpsmid.sourceforge.net/> is j2me and has some support for 
online OSM editing but no gpx upload (yet?). Havn't tried it out yet.

They have prebuild maps including the philippines: 


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