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Dear Ed and everyone,

I actually proposed this naming scheme for national roads without
names [0], so far, no consensus.  But I fully agree on your proposal
to do this. Regarding the "the whole Trunk in Northern Luzon is simply
named R-9", would it be better to use a relation for the ref=R-9?

[0] http://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-ph/2011-October/003555.html

On Thu, Dec 15, 2011 at 11:46 AM, Ed Garcia <eppgarcia at gmail.com> wrote:
> Guys,
> I have just been on a road trip to the north and have been extensively using
> the OSM Garmin Map and experimented in how it can help me find my way
> through inter-town "sidetrip" travel especially in Northern Pangasinan.
> I came up with some "nice-to-implement' things on the map.
> For starters, it was, and it would really be nice to have those inter-town
> roads be named with the town names that they link.  Example:  Urdaneta - San
> Jacinto,  or  San Jacinto - San Fabian road
> This is very useful as I found out that this helps a lot in showing the
> traveler whether they are on the right route when traveling from town to
> town.  Like, it happened so when I was trying to find my way back from
> Manaoag to Urdaneta yesterday.  I tried following the streets signs at
> Manaoag that say "to Manila"  and was already on the road leaving Manaoag
> behind when I saw on the GPS telling me:  "Driving along Manaoag -
> Mapandan"   when I should be along Urdaneta - Manaoag!   Now, if the road
> had no appropriate name on the GPS, I would have ended up in the wrong town.
> I have already named a number of inter-town roads with the above naming
> convention on OSM.  Especially those that do not have any names yet.  This
> works well for primary inter-town roads.  But, I have a slight problem with
> Trunk roads ... the whole Trunk in Northern Luzon is simply named R-9 ...
> How can we nicely incorporate the town-to-town info on trunks?
> Anyway, the whole idea on the above is to give the GPS user a good idea on
> what inter-town road they are driving on,  and an idea on what the next town
> is down the road, and better even on how far down the road is the next
> town.  It would have been easy to navigate so if the GPS had the town names
> as "waypoints" so the gps user would simply do a "find" or "where to" to the
> next town.   But problem is, the GPS (or the GPS map) does not always have
> the town names available for searching.  The towns cannot be found in
> "Cities", well, because they are not really Cities.  They can sometimes be
> found under Points of Interest and by doing a "Spell Name".
> We must somehow have a Town category.  At the moment, on my next road trip
> on Dec 23, I will try to compile as much towns as I can and put them on a
> POI list that is uploadable to the Garmin via POI Loader so I can do a
> "where to" by pointing to the "extras".  I will experiment with custom route
> uploads too.
> yun lang po,
> cheers!
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