[talk-ph] tagging rotund/roundabout

Rally de Leon ralleon at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 16:58:18 GMT 2011

> Thus, I think QC's Elliptical Road, and Mandaluyong's Maysilo are *not*
> roundabouts.

I haven't checked the entire Elliptical Road's entrances to the inner circle
(the park etc), but I don't think it's possible for a car to cut directly
across the elliptical road, from the outer to the inner. All vehicles coming
from the radial roads are required to turn right and follow the circle.
Vehicles from the peripheries merged slowly to the traffic (going
counter-clockwise). After carefully merging with the flow, it can
(carefully) swerve to the inner lanes, little by little until it's on the
inner ring, where it's safe to make a left turn to the entrance of inner
(polygon). In which case, Quezon Memorial Circle functions like a big
roundabout, don't you think?
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