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I am primarily responsible for renaming a stretch of road between Calamba and Pila as the "Calamba - Santa Cruz - Famy Junction Road". I based it on online documents from the Department of Budget and Management and/or the Department of Public Works and Highways[1]. I support the motion that the stretch of road from Famy to Victoria be renamed as the Manila East Road. However, I'm not in favor in temporarily renaming the remaining stretch (Pila - Calamba) as the National Highway, pending the confirmation from local and/or national authorities confirming/verifying the name of that road - for now.

However, there is an item on page 15 (same document mentioned by Rally), describing a portion of the soon-to-be renamed road (on OSM) as the "Calamba-Los Baños-Bay Diversion Road" [2]

[1] http://www.dbm.gov.ph/Details2010/DPWH/DPWH.pdf
[2] it is also mentioned in a tweet from MERALCO re: Maintenance - http://www.twitlonger.com/show/6g53u3

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On Item No. 9 (page 3) of Senate Bill 740 (as proposed by Manuel Villar) dated June 30, 2004
it describes MANILA EAST ROAD as (Cainta-Taytay-Angono-Binangonan-Morong-Cardona-Famy-Victoria Road)


If Villar's researchers (for this senate bill) were correct, then it is safe to say that M.E.R. includes Ortigas Ave Extension (as I originally suspected, basing on a construction signboard by DPWH I saw last year), and it extends up to Victoria, Laguna. The rest of the road back to the City of Calamba can temporarily be known as National Highway (until after we know the official name)

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this always bugs me whenever i pass by calamba going home from calamba crossing, the road's tagged as calamba-sta cruz famy junction road(famy is quite far away)
if you ask locals and see addresses printed on business establishments signages, it just says

national highway...even locals in Paete call it National Highway and Manila East Road doesn't ring a bell (though it's really MER)
this is from calamba to Pila...in Pila it's changed to Manila East Road...not sure where MER ends

but can I change it to National Highway? After Crossing, it's tagged as such to Cabuyao, Binan and San Pedro.How about tagging it as Provincial Highway though it's really a national road?

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