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Right. However Jim is actually also right that layers should not be used to fix rendering issues. But then again I suppose the problem that broadly rendered highways cover thin railways next to them (if they are on the same layer) is almost as old as OSM.... but yet nobody fixed it. 


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Hi Soeren,

Oh I see!  Thanks so much.  I've always wondered what the layer was really for.  Now I know better.  I guess this is what they use to indicate skyways?

Thanks again.

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Hi Ed

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>Is there a way to make mapnik display the railway "over" the highway so it does not disappear?

Sure there is. Add to the railroad a layer tag that has a higher value than the layer of the highway. Pathes with no layer tag are layer=0. So in your case make the railway layer=1, and tadaa: there is your railway.
 If your railway underpasses any bridges, you might need to make abjustments there, e.g. make the bridge layer=2.


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