[talk-ph] Allowed uses of map

Soeren Rabenstein sorabsuperstar at web.de
Fri Jan 14 16:00:50 GMT 2011

>Wayne is actually the one who created the image and he works for
>GMANews.TV. The attribution is there but the license details is not.
>Personally, I'm quite OK with the neglect of mention of any licensing
>or copyright. Like you said, it's pretty doubtful that anyone would
>want to reuse this map outside the context of the news article. The
>attribution is what matters most for this kind of use. :-)

Yes I is unlikely that any OSM or mapnik contributor would seek to enforce Copyright here. Particularly not in the Philippines as long Universal Studios does not enforce Copyright in Quiapo or Makati Cinema square ;)

But Wayne might want to be a leading example though and give a due notice, like
© OpenStreetMap contributors and GMANews.TV, CC-BY-SA.

Also nice is using the icon I attached (you should scale it down of course)

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