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I can schedule a session on Saturday morning in Ateneo, all I need is a
list of names of people (for AdDU guards to let you in) who want to join
the meetup? My students wants to join the mapping tutorial/meetup. I
will provide the facilities you need (Room, DLP Projector, etc...)

Please sign up below:
1. Maning Sambale
2. Frank Woolf 
3. George Tujan

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>I would be interested to meet other Davao Mappers. Please let me know
what your 
>plans are.
>I have mostly concentrated on Samal Island as I have various properties
there and 
>when I started using a GPS the were almost no roads on the Map. I have
added a 
>lot using my own tracks and hope to get around to doing more. I stopped
when the 
>OSM map configuration changed and the map for Davao included so many
>countries and area it became so big that I had problems downloading the
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>Davao mappers,
>I will be down south next week. Perhaps a short
>mapping/tutorial/meetup on Saturday Jan 29 before I fly back home?

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