[talk-ph] Cherry Mobile Cosmo

Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Wed Jul 6 04:38:34 BST 2011

Hi all,

I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago for P 6900. I've been waiting for a decent, cheap Android phone to come along, which to me is the whole reason for Android to exist. However most of them have been 500 USD, 400 USD, 300 USD, until this one came along. I was a bit sceptical about the build quality at first, but I went to the Cherry Mobile outlet, and hefted it in my hand a bit and decided to take the plunge -- no such thing as try-before-you-buy there. 

Here are the specs:

As you can see its got Android 2.2, which apparently is streets better than 2.1 or previous. 2.3 would have been even better, but 2.2 is OK. Other things which were on my "must have" list were 3G (check), wifi (check), and a 3.5 audio jack (check), and of course, the reason why I'm mentioning it here, GPS (check). 

I had a problem with it randomly shutting down when I first got it. My heart sank as I thought my worst fears were realised - cheap taiwanese trash. But the sales people worked with me diligently to figure out the problem, which turned out to be a bad memory card (actually a batch of them ...). 

So once it was working, it seems pretty good. Its not a speed machine, but its adequate for what I wanted. In particular the GPS ... works OK. It comes with Google Maps on it, so you need a wifi connection to really use that properly. However I found a version of Trekbuddy in the Android market, and loaded all my Trekbuddy maps onto it, and its been great. It takes a while to get a fix sometimes (I think its programmed to rely too much on AGPS and the contraversial wifi AP database), but once its got a fix, its been fine. 

I took it on a run last weekend, and it tracked me pretty well. I might try loading up the MapMyRun software next and see what happens with that. 

Anyone else running Android for mapping out there? Any good apps to try?


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