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Wed Jul 6 05:20:27 BST 2011

Hi Jim,

Try MyTracks.

It has a realtime waytracks on google map while you walk / run and
ability to export the gps tracks in KML, etc.



On 7/6/11, Jim Morgan <jim at datalude.com> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I bought one of these a couple of weeks ago for P 6900. I've been waiting
> for a decent, cheap Android phone to come along, which to me is the whole
> reason for Android to exist. However most of them have been 500 USD, 400
> USD, 300 USD, until this one came along. I was a bit sceptical about the
> build quality at first, but I went to the Cherry Mobile outlet, and hefted
> it in my hand a bit and decided to take the plunge -- no such thing as
> try-before-you-buy there.
> Here are the specs:
>  http://www.cherrymobile.com.ph/site/mobiles/cosmo.html
> As you can see its got Android 2.2, which apparently is streets better than
> 2.1 or previous. 2.3 would have been even better, but 2.2 is OK. Other
> things which were on my "must have" list were 3G (check), wifi (check), and
> a 3.5 audio jack (check), and of course, the reason why I'm mentioning it
> here, GPS (check).
> I had a problem with it randomly shutting down when I first got it. My heart
> sank as I thought my worst fears were realised - cheap taiwanese trash. But
> the sales people worked with me diligently to figure out the problem, which
> turned out to be a bad memory card (actually a batch of them ...).
> So once it was working, it seems pretty good. Its not a speed machine, but
> its adequate for what I wanted. In particular the GPS ... works OK. It comes
> with Google Maps on it, so you need a wifi connection to really use that
> properly. However I found a version of Trekbuddy in the Android market, and
> loaded all my Trekbuddy maps onto it, and its been great. It takes a while
> to get a fix sometimes (I think its programmed to rely too much on AGPS and
> the contraversial wifi AP database), but once its got a fix, its been fine.
> I took it on a run last weekend, and it tracked me pretty well. I might try
> loading up the MapMyRun software next and see what happens with that.
> Anyone else running Android for mapping out there? Any good apps to try?
> Jim
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