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Dear Ian,

A couple of tips:

OSM in general
 - Don't talk about the license - most people don't care.  It is
better to talk about how they can use the data.
 - No data is sacred - its a wiki, anyone can modify any part of the
map.  That said, always respect other mapper's work.
 - Don't copy from other maps - most (if not all) maps are
copyrighted, always rely on your own knowledge.
 - You break something, you fix it.  Other mappers won't do it for
you.  Maybe they would, if you ask nicely.

Enough talking and fire-up your favorite editor.

 - Ask them to bring their own machine - this way you can help them
configure their machine, especially when you plan to teach them josm
or merkaartor.
 - Zoom in high (z 16-18) before clicking the Edit tab (in Potlatch)
or Download button (in josm).
 - Align imagery
 - Teach the basics
   - for roads, highway=, name=, oneway=
   - for POIs, amenity/shop, name, address if possible
   - nothing about natural=tree! ;)
 - Save early, save often.
 - There is an UNDO button.
 - Provide useful changeset comments. Explain why.

If you are planning some field mapping, give enough time for editing.
It is much better to teach them the full mapping process (collection -
editing).  Each mapper should be able to commit one changeset during
the session.

Good luck on your very skillshare event.  In my experience, in any
activity that  involves the use of computer, Murphy is always looming.
 Be prepared for anything that can happen (slow/no net connection, no
electric plugs, a browser that don't have flash installed, etc.)

Final Tip - HAVE FUN!

On Wed, Jun 29, 2011 at 6:42 PM, ianlopez <ian_lopez_1115 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> After a few days of deep thought, I've decided to organize an OSM Skillshare Event in San Pablo City. It will happen on July 23, 2011. I've thought of two possible locations for the event: SM City San Pablo and Figaro Coffee in Ultimart.
> This is my first time to host an OpenStreetMap-related event. I also need pointers and best practices in organizing a skillshare event.
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