[talk-ph] Provincial relations ( no not your far away relatives :-) )

Ian Haylock haylocki at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Mar 27 14:39:35 BST 2011


Just finished creating relations for all the provinces.

To answer Mannings email.

Well done you found one of my deliberate mistakes :-)

Actually I have no real idea which islands belong to which provinces. Feel free to move them from one relation to another.

Sulu, and Palawan Provinces probably have some errors, as there are just so many islands.

Some islands are also missing from the relations, those that I missed, which shouldn't be many, and those that are just a single node. feel free to add them.

Also converted the admin areas in Mindano to relations. This is Seav's area I think. So worth checking they're correct.

Also fixed a lot of broken boundaries in Manila, still some to go yet though.

Added the municipalities for Cavite just so I could add the barangay that I live in, so that searching for my street would work. After 4 1/2 years I discover I live in Mambog, not Molino. Still at least the mail still arrives :-)

Does anyone know of a source of municipalities that we could use ? Any reasonable maps would do.

Cheers, Ian

P.S. why did I have to sign up to this talk list again ?

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