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Jim Morgan jim at datalude.com
Wed Mar 30 09:29:22 BST 2011

I contacted the guys at MapOSMatic to give some feedback. I felt that while it was a superb tool at some zoom levels (eg outputting a map of Makati area), that it lacked a bit when you zoomed in closer, or out further. 

Here is a reply from David Mentre at MapOSMatic. Development is evidently under way, and it looks set to get even better. I wish I was a coder ... 


Hello Jim,

Many thanks for your very positive feedback!

2011/3/30 Jim Morgan <jim at datalude.com>:
> > So, it seems that the tool works brilliantly if you select an area of the correct zoom level. But if you go Above or Below that level, then results are not so good.
In fact, we are using a fixed zoom level (I can't remember which one right now).

> > I'd like to suggest a variable zoom level for your tool. When people select an area on the map, take a note of the zoom level. Then render at +3 zoom levels (for example). Then the detail will always be consistent with the area selected.
Our intent was to provide a certain level of details on all maps,
whatever is the zoom level of a map. But we agree that this approach
might not satisfy all use cases.

> > Even better would be to allow people to select the detail level (+1, +2, +3 etc).
I have added a task for this, so the feature wish is recorded:

> > And the icing on the cake would be to allow people to include various items via checkboxes. Road names, Restaurants/Bars, Accommodation, Landmarks, Shopping etc.
Regarding the choice of various items, we are working on it, we a set
of predefined stylesheets. You can see an example of it on our
development version: http://dev.maposmatic.org/

> > Just thinking out loud here, and hoping to provoke some ideas. Is the code for MapOSMatic open sourced, so that I could hack at it?
Of course! :-)

We have also a mailing list, an IRC channel, etc. All patches are welcome! ;-)

> > Or is there a facility for referencing your own rendering style-sheets to alter the way things are rendered. Or, if neither of these are possible, do you have a small HowTo on how you went about creating MapOSMatic. I'd be very interested ...
As I said, the next version of MapOSMatic will have a set of
predefined stylesheet. But even with current MapOSMatic code, if you
install it on your own computer you can tailor the Mapnik rendering
stylesheet at will.

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