[talk-ph] recent crash problems to osmphgps mapsource/roadtrip installers

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 12:02:29 BST 2011

Dear osmphgps users and mappers,

There are some recent crash problems with the mapsource and roadtrip
installers of osmphgps.  See detailed issue report here:

I suspect that there are some problems with the current data.  I am
looking into the mkgmap error logs to squash down data problems.  As a
result I have suspended the daily update to last the working extract
(20110321).  This is to ensure that users can continue downloading the
map even though it is outdated by a couple of days.

The daily compile is continuing, only the upload to the public links
were disabled.  This is for me to monitor what problems are fixed on a
daily basis.  If you want to help in squashing some of the data
problems, check the daily error logs here:

Just ignore the reported error related to motorway exits like this:
2011/03/29 18:30:46 WARNING (StyledConverter): philippines.osm:
Motorway exit null
has no motorway! (either make the exit share a node with the motorway
or specify the motorway ref with a exit:road_ref tag)

Thanks and apologies!
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