[talk-ph] routing errors in davao city

Marloue Pidor murlwe at mail2Engineer.com
Thu Mar 31 12:32:31 BST 2011

Those barriers come and go, maybe it depends on the mood of the traffic
management. Anyway, I will do some corrections later. Thanks!

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>Hi Marloue,
>JP Laurel should generally be a two-way, single-carriageway. there are
only cats 
>eyes/lane markers there, no center islands nor barriers (like those in
front of 
>Victory Mall)...
>dual carriageways that are not really one in reality will make
navigator suggest 
>routes that loops or other paths directly opposite the lane due to the
presence of 
>the barrier or ways not linked to the other carriageway.
>I already found the error before I came there (to Bajada View in front
of SSS 
>Bajada) and verified if JP Laurel is really a dual-carriageway. the
only segment 
>of Laurel as dual-carriageway is in front of Victory Mall (where a
no-left-turn to 
>the service road should be placed), near the Bajada Interchange and a
segment near 
>C.M. Recto.
>on East Avenue, it's really a dual-carriageway with center island and
>barriers in the middle, recently passed there again last saturday just
to eat at 
>Little Quiapo. I only remembered i have to add a no-left-turn from
Matalino to 
>East Ave (then use a U-turn slot to get to EDSA). I've no updated info
on NIA road 
>though but I remember it as dual-carriageway with a center island.
>lastly, i add errors to openstreetbugs :P
>I explore, therefore I blog.
>On Thu, Mar 31, 2011 at 3:44 PM, Marloue Pidor
<murlwe at mail2engineer.com> wrote:
>I am based in Davao, thanks for the info.
>- where exactly the routing errors? To correct them.
>- why do you think J. P. Laurel Ave. be a single-carriageway? (should
review also 
>East Ave and NIA Road in Manila those are part of my reference)
>- the turn restrictions are new to Davao we will be updating that.
>Add the errors here:
>Well, I really think the National Highway from Talomo to Ilang in
Tibunco should 
>be a dual-carriageway.
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>>Subject: Re: [talk-ph] routing errors in davao city
>>anyone based in davao? was there for 2 days (tuesday and wednesday)
again after 7 
>>years and boy, davao is really booming!
>>Since I already stored the coordinates of my destination prior to my
trips, i 
>>noticed routing errors caused by JP Laurel depicted as
dual-carriageway that 
>>should only be a single-carriageway, 4 lane highway that's actually
davao's main 
>>the only segments i noticed where it should be depicted as dual are
those near 
>>Bajada interchange, and portions near Victory mall (where turn
restriction should 
>>also be placed) and probably near C.M. Recto near Marco Polo
>>another such road is C.P Garcia leading to the airport and probably
portions of 
>>davao-agusan highway
>>Davao City has great coverage but routing is problematic due to the
>>carriageways (a similar case in Cebu City's Archbishop Reyes)
>>Hope we can clean things up. I'll be going back there in a few months
>>I explore, therefore I blog.
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