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Rally de Leon ralleon at gmail.com
Mon May 16 17:55:01 BST 2011

Proposed: "building=dormitory" for buildings similar to that of UP's
residence halls? but they are generally residential buildings that house
sleeping quarters for university students

The rest of the buildings are just tagged as plain "building=yes" (whether
for commercial, industrial, hospital or school use)

In PH, there is sort of a convergence towards creating mixed-use
one-stop-shop buildings.

We now have hospitals that have commercial establishment (restaurants, spa,
etc) covering a considerable amount floor area.
Residential condo with Office or Commercial space in the entire lower
A commercial or residential building with considerable floor-space devoted
to place_of_worship or vice-versa (eg. CCF in St.Francis Square or the newly
constructed CCF in Frontera Verde - which could probably end up as a church
+ training center + commercial space).

Or how about the dorm-type building in Home Depot Ortigas (for callcenters
and office workers), or Gwapotel (for workers) by MMDA. I'm will not be
surprised if some 'residential houses' (not exactly apartments) with "lady
bed spacers" sign will be tagged as building=dormitory by newbies. :-)

We may end up with new proposals such as building=commercial or
building=residential etc instead of 'landuse'; better left declared properly
by the owner of the building themselves (or the City Assessor). Until then,
maybe the PH mappers are safer to tag these polygons with plain

how about additional tag for the POI such as "amenity=dormitory" (or is it
an amenity) occupant=student? ;-) I think it's improper to tag as
"tourism=dormitory" because the primary customers are not travelers, unlike
hotels & motels.

the building structure & features of student-dorms are closely related to
except that it's for longer-stay, covered by some sort of contract for a
particular period, more like a room-for-rent? i'm not familiar.

maybe it should be in the same tag-category as apartment (if it exist) eg.
any residential spaces/rooms/house for lease or rent (not for leisure or
tourism use)

On Mon, May 16, 2011 at 9:13 PM, maning sambale
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> I saw some tagged as chalet and hostel, but there is tage for
> dormitories: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:building%3Ddormitory
> Should we adopt this tag?
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