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Dear Mike,

Im glad you met Mario in SOTM2012. Also, congrats on finally getting over
with the license change.

On to the topic, I think the idea of a server is good if this can help with
poor connections, especially if it can be used for disaster mapping
efforts. Maybe we can even design our own map style. :-)

Anyway, I know very little about servers so I leave it to others here to
discuss possibilities and challenges on such a project with osm.fr

Maning Sambale (mobile)
On Sep 14, 2012 11:24 PM, "Michael Collinson" <mike at ayeltd.biz> wrote:

> Hallo Maning and all and to Mario Baras who was at SOTM 2012 and is on
> this list.
> I see from Maning's post to the general talk list that he is already
> familar with the French http://live.openstreetmap.fr/. Now here is an
> interesting thing.  OSM France have also built and are operating a caching
> download/proxy upload server for editing.  It down loads diffs every
> minute.  JOSM users can re-direct their editors to use it instead of the
> London server. There is also a way to trick Potlatch into using it. For
> French and many European users it provides much better response. When you
> upload, then it sends your edit to London. It has been running for 6 months
> and appears to work correctly.
> And then another thing:  OpenStreetMap France also have funding to do
> things. But they cannot spend it in France. Dot, dot, dot.
> So I asked Christian Quest, "If there was interest, could they fund a
> similar server in the Philippines?" and got a very positive response with
> the caveat that a proposal has to be presented to the funding organisation
> and they can say yes or no. The proposal could consist of a) server(s), b)
> travel by OpenStreetMap France to the Philippines to train (perhaps not
> vital but good to create a working relationship) and c) funding to put it
> in a high availability data centre.
> So, any interest?
> In addition to helping poor connections (comments?), I see it as a way to
> build up a strong system administration team to complement the mapping
> community. The Philippine and Japan communities are probably the strongest
> in Asia right now.  I would also suggest that it could be used as a H.O.T
> server to be used in natural calamities if anyone is interested in getting
> involved there ... that might also improve the chances of funding.
> Mike
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