[talk-ph] iOS 6 using osm and tomtom?

tutubi tutubi at backpackingphilippines.com
Sat Sep 15 06:42:30 BST 2012


On Sep 15, 2012, at 12:28 PM, Jim Morgan <jim at datalude.com> wrote:
> Did we have this conversation before?

oh yes, sort of, but what was discussed even a few days ago is obsolete now. cant cope up. 

tried a few apps eg myTracks et al but im too lazy to download the gpx tracks

> :-) This is all available on Android, although not in the same app as far as I can find out. You can get a nice cheap Android for about 9k these days (the Huawei G300 is getting good reviews), or 4k if you really push it (Cherry Mobile). I use Trekbuddy for OSM data with offline maps and 1s logging. You can run a different app for routing. At the same time if you want
an android is a long time want. only reconsidering it since i've lost my garmin. will try the cherry mobile. i want one with a tv if there's one and it wont hurt much if i lose it :)

> Anyway, I don't see any reason to drop 40k on the latest Apple. Paying more for a phone than a computer has always seemed a little obscene to me. 

i got an iPhone 4s as a gift, didnt buy it :) no plan to upgrade, i'm a peso-pincher i only need a handy camera. it will be with me til it conks out or lose it

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