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On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 7:52 PM, maning sambale
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> Dear Eugene,
> Thank you for looking at the data.
> On Wed, Apr 24, 2013 at 1:49 AM, Eugene Alvin Villar <seav80 at gmail.com>
> wrote:
> > We should not import the data straight out. I've checked some of the data
> > and some of them are located on the road in front of the school and not
> on
> > the school itself.
> >
> > Also, I think we can provide our own value to the data. Instead of adding
> > nodes corresponding to the data points, let's trace the actual school
> area
> > and add buildings as well. For this, we need to intersect the DepEd data
> > with the Bing imagery outlines.
> >
> > For data located in areas without Bing imagery (or other hi-res), I
> think we
> > can import as nodes.
> Agree.  For areas with highres imagery we can just copy the tags and
> use a polygon for the school grounds.

I guess the next discussion is what tags do we include? I don't think we
need to include the school region+division+district. The school_id should
be enough. If you know relational databases, then the school_id functions
as an ID to rows on another table.

Also, the brgy_code and muni_code is not needed. (But I think these match
the Philippine Standard Geographical Code?
http://www.nscb.gov.ph/activestats/psgc/ )

>  > Question: is the SCHOOL_ID attribute an official ID that we can use for
> the
> > ref=* tag? Or is this just a database primary key ID?
> Yes the SCHOOL_ID is an official reference number corresponding to a a
> Region/Province and School Division.
> Is the ref=* tag the correct place for this?

Yes I think so. The ref=* tag is meant to store the reference/ID number for
objects. For elementary and high schools, it makes sense to use the
official ID assigned by DepEd for the ref=* tag.

> My proposal is:
> 1. Subset the data into smaller chunks say 500 schools for each file.

It might be better to divide the data also along geographical lines. For
example, by provinces and then divide the data per province into smaller
chunks like Ilocose Norte 1, Ilocos Norte 2, etc.

I think chunks of 100 is much more manageable. I certainly don't think I
can process 500 schools in 1 or 2 sittings.

2. Prepare a list in the wiki to download the data.
> 3. Wiki gets updated if someone will edit one file by adding his
> username in the table.
> 4. In JOSM, load the data a separate layer from the OSM data.
> Edit/trace school grounds, buildings, foootways in the OSM layer.
> Copy-paste tags
> from the deped school layer to OSM layer.  Assign a changeset a
> specific comment for this upload.  (This is also possible in P2).

I suggest to add the upload=false XML attribute to the OSM files to avoid
accidentally uploading it to OSM.


5. Update the wiki by adding the changeset number if the data import
> is finished.
> Make sense?
> For DepEd,  we will proved an extract of OSM schools data as a shapefile.
> --
> cheers,
> maning
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