[talk-ph] Planned event for mega armchair mapping of Metro Manila and surrounding towns

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Just like to add that a good road network opens up to all sorts of other
applications with tools like pgRouting.

For example, in Disaster Management, an ambulance can find a shortest path
that  bypasses flooded roads to a hospital. Or by using the Traveling Sales
Person (TSP) functionality, an efficient plan for distributing relief goods
to different affected areas can easily be determined.

So,  ensuring that Metro Manila's network is accurate is a very good
activity to participate in.



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> Dear everyone,
> A research lab in Tokyo University in partnership with Georepublic is
> doing a research project on transport routing for selected mega-cities
> in South East Asia.
> Using open source and open data (OSM), they are doing person trip
> calculations and routing between districts or other small spatial
> units.
> As part of their research, they want to involve the respective OSM
> communities in updating and improving the road network within these
> megacities.
> The coverage for the Philippines is Metro Manila including the
> adjacent towns/cities of Rizal, Laguna, Cavite and Bulacan.
> Initial priority is to reach a degree of "completeness" for the road
> network.  The group is proposing a series of armchair mapping events
> for this.
> Rough plan are as follows:
> - Organize a 2-day armchair mapping event in Metro Manila to trace
> missing roads and improve "routability" of roads. Initially, turn
> restrictions are not a priority
> but we can decide if we want to add them including other features to
> enhance the coverage.
> - A parallel event in Japan will be hosted (using video a streaming or
> other synchronous communication) so that Japanese mappers can also
> help with the tracing.
> - Food and other swags will be provided by TokyoUni and Georepublic.
> - Date: end of March 2013, but still not final.
> Sending this to the list to solicit feedback and other ideas on the
> planned event.
> Currently we are looking for volunteers to help in the preps (and join
> the event) such as:
> - scouting for venue
> - swag designs (like t-shirt)
> - planning and other logistical preps
> First event will be Metro Manila but this will be replicated to other
> cities/countries in the region.
> --
> cheers,
> maning
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