[talk-ph] road name changes in Makati?

Ronny Ager-Wick ronny at ager-wick.com
Mon Jul 7 12:03:08 UTC 2014

On 07/07/14 18:20, Jim Morgan wrote:
>> Senator Gil Puyat to Nicolas Buendia Road:
>> http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/146300437/history
> Senator Gil Puyat used to be called Buendia, and in fact everyone knows it 
> as that. I use the old name in taxis so that the driver knows I've been 
> around for a while.
> Maybe it should have an alternate_name tag as Buendia? Would that show up on 
> searches though? Otherwise pretty useless. I do wish they'd stop changing 
> road names by the way. Just leave them alone and name a new road after 
> yourself!

I don't know many places in Metro Manila, but this is one of the few roads I 
do know. Jim's right, the road's name in people's mind is Buendia. The MRT 
station is called Buendia. I share your annoyance with those bloody 
politicians who keep naming stuff after themselves in their endless vanity. 
People don't care about repeated renaming, and even if road signs say one 
thing, people will ignore it and call it what they've always called it, 
causing no ends of confusion, especially for people who are new to the area.
If it was up to me, I'd simply name it "Buendia Avenue", but if you need to be 
politically correct, and take into account that there may be one or two street 
signs using the other name, maybe "Buendia Ave (Sen Gil Puyat Ave)" or in 
worst case "Sen Gil Puyat Ave / Buendia Ave". Not sure what the OSM rules say 
about de facto vs. politically correct names?

By the way, the original name was "Buendia Avenue", not "Nicolas Buendia 
Road". The patch of asphalt even has its own wikipedia article: 


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