[talk-ph] Governor Pineda (Pampanga) willing to support OSM for mapping other municipalities in the province

Ronny Ager-Wick ronny at ager-wick.com
Tue Jun 24 13:29:25 UTC 2014

Wow that's great to hear that they appreciate the efforts, and even will 
support it, especially when it comes from the jueteng lord/lady, eh.. I mean 
governor... Kudos on your political manoeuvring, Maning.
As this is my area, especially the northern part, I will aim to get more 
involved. Specifically, what I'd love to see is that the very people that 
would benefit from the maps actually maintained them. If the engineering, 
health, education, etc. departments in the municipalities each have people 
that know how to update the map, then I think the chance that things are being 
kept up to date is much higher. They could even hand out walking papers to 
people as they go to different places. I'd be happy to spend some time on 
training people from the municipalities around here.

On 24/06/14 18:06, maning sambale wrote:
> Hi,
> I just came back from a presentation/meeting Governor Lilia Pineda of
> Pampanga, Mayor Mylyn Pineda - Cayabyab of Lubao and, members of the
> Provincial Council of Pampanga.  This is part of our Pampanga work to
> update the provincial government on the status of the project.
> Together with WorldBank and the 3 partner LGUs (Candaba, Lubao and
> Guagua), we presented the participatory mapping initiative (OSM and
> InaSAFE) in the last 6 months of last year.
> Governor Pineda appreciated the mapping initiative and is planning to
> replicate the approach to the rest of the province particularly to the
> flood-prone municipalities of the province.  She instructed the
> Provincial DRRM Office to coordinate this initiative and she commited
> to provide instructions/directive to the specific mayors of these LGUs
> to facilitate the mapping.
> In addition, the provincial legislative board will also draft a
> provincial resolution to support Governor Pineda's instructions.
> I think this development is very significant for the OSM-PH community.
> While details on how to specifically implement is still at an early
> stage, we hope we can forge greater partnership and collaboration with
> government of Pampanga in the future.
> We will update the list on the latest development later.

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