[talk-ph] Governor Pineda (Pampanga) willing to support OSM for mapping other municipalities in the province

maning sambale emmanuel.sambale at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 02:13:16 UTC 2014

> Kudos on your political manoeuvring, Maning.
Credits goes to our local partners in Pampanga.  While they are busy
updating their own LGUs in OSM,
they are aware that to be more effective and to get a complete picture
of the hazard and exposure situation, they
need to look beyond administrative boundaries and view the situation
from the natural boundaries like the Pampanga watershed.
This is why, they are slowly working towards a collective alliance to
update the data of the neighboring towns/municipalities.

> As this is my area, especially the northern part, I will aim to get more
> involved. Specifically, what I'd love to see is that the very people that
> would benefit from the maps actually maintained them. If the engineering,
> health, education, etc. departments in the municipalities each have people
> that know how to update the map, then I think the chance that things are
> being kept up to date is much higher. They could even hand out walking
> papers to people as they go to different places. I'd be happy to spend some
> time on training people from the municipalities around here.
Great!  Will surely ask your help for Magalang.

Here's the local news of the event yesterday:

Although, I'm a little bit uncomfortable with "Hulog ng langit" remark
by one of the Board Member.

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