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Fri May 9 02:54:34 UTC 2014

Hi Jim,

I have been trying to convince some people to tip in to get 2 units plus 1
Super LapTops for disaster response (Preferably 2 sets)

The idea is to base these in key locations, Luzon and Visayas) where they
can be used to respond quickly to any crisis, (Flooding, Land Slide, etc),
providing quick, meaningful information to decision makers

They would be deployed using Vehicles or possibly a Bike followed by a
Vehicle, with 2 units of drone being able to cover a lot more area and
deliver very useful data very quickly, as well as having a backup in case
one goes AOG

The challenges are:

1. Price: $20K US per drone (this can probably be negiotated down), $US5K
for a super Laptop, $US4K for Solar Charging Systems, batteries to power
the whole setup. Assuming no Grid Power Available which is likely. That is
$29K per setup
2. Getting the processed imagery out to people who can use it. It is
unlikely that there will be internet, so it will have to be processed and
taken somewhere where it can be uploaded
3. Staffing. Would need a minimum of two people to run this per deployment,
with probably one central office person to handle final processing of
imagery, upload to WMS, etc, plus a Coordinator (possibly the same person
as Central Office)
4. Staff Availability. - Having staff sitting around and waiting is not
feasible financially.
5. Legality - It is actually illegal to take aerial photos in the
Philippines without CAAP and Military J3 Clearances, which are very
specific to each particular operation/flight. The process would probably
drown in Red Tape. The only option would be to get a specific exemption for
relief operations, but even the FAA is having a difficult time coming to
grips with Drones running around unfettered. I honestly do not hold any
hope that it would be easy to obtain an unrestricted operational ability.
FYI, General Aviation aircraft are legally allowed to operate at 500 ft and
above over non built up areas, and 1000 ft and above over built up areas,
and this would be the sticking point for the CAAP. There is a clear
possibility of conflict with Helicopters, etc.
6. Control - someone in Government would want to control the operation,
this could be good or bad, depending on how it was setup and who had the
priority call on deployments.

I came up with the same idea you did which was to use the equipment to map
different areas as a way to train volunteers, build skills and improve the
deployment scenarios and deliverable processing and distribution as well as
funding some of the operational costs.

I did get a lot of "What a Good Idea" but so far, no one has offered to
fund the first two units and setup. The negatives scare folks off from
putting that much money up front

This type of setup would be perfect for this country in times of crisis. I
hope it could be done, it would save a lot of lives


Mark Cupitt

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On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 10:23 AM, Jim Morgan <jim at datalude.com> wrote:

> On a related note, I was wondering about the feasibility of starting a
> crowd-funded venture to start up a drone operation here, with the object of
> putting rural areas of the Philippines on the map. I hadn't really thought
> through the details, but perhaps investors over a certain threshold - say
> USD 1000 for example - could get priority mapping of their chosen area.
> Certain towns might need the data, or maybe in areas where there are high
> concentrations of hotels and tourists, the tourist industry might club
> together to get a decent map of the area. eg. Malapascua Island.
> The initial funding would pay for the drone purchase, flights to the
> targeted areas and accommodation. After that, it could be spun off as a
> business.
> Just an idle fantasy right now. Anyone have any thoughts about this?
> Jim
> maning sambale wrote, On Wednesday, 07 May, 2014 05:51 AM:
>  A team from Drone Adventure (http://www.droneadventures.org/) came to
>> Philippines to work alongside our team and take aerial pictures from
>> affected area where we work.
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